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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

Setting Up the Dial-up Networking Software

1. Check if the Dial-up Networking software is installed. Double-click on the "My Computer" icon. You should see an icon labeled "Dial-up Networking" in the "My Computer" window.

Dial up

If you can NOT find "Dial-up Networking", you will need to install it. You will need to:

2. Check if the TCP/IP Protocol is installed. Double-click on the "Control Panel" icon. In the "Control Panel" window, double-click on the "Network" icon. A Network "Configuration" window will appear.


A list of items will appear in a panel under the label "The following network components are installed:."

3. Install your modem. If you are using a new modem and have NOT installed it already, you will need to install it now.

4. Create a Dial-up connection icon for SkyPoint.


In the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area:
Area code: 612 Telephone: 252-9020

In the Hudson/Stillwater Area:
Area code: 612 Telephone: 436-3637

In the Duluth/Superior Area:
Area code: 218 Telephone: 723-8777

5. Configure your new SkyPoint Dial-up icon. Click on the SkyPoint icon that you just created to highlight it. Click on the file menu button at the top of the "Dial-up Networking" window and select the "Properties" option. A new window will appear.


6. Dial in. Double-click on the SkyPoint icon. A "Connect To" window will appear.

This string will only disable call waiting for a single phone call, and call waiting will automatically turn back on as soon as you hang up.


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