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Creating a CGI form on SkyPoint.

We have looked through a lot of different scripts. We recommend that you use FormMail to do the custom CGI forms. It's the easiest to use and offers a diverse set of options that will make it easy to get the information from people visiting your p ages and reduce the number of headaches that you may encounter when trying to develop your own customized scripts.

We've installed the base FormMail.cgi script on our web server so you don't have to worry about installing the package. It can be referred to as from your web pages.

For example:






<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="recipient" VALUE="your_email_address">

(The recipient field must be present, named "recipient" in small letters, with an email address.)

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="a_field_name" SIZE=maximum_#_of_characters_in_field>

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="another_field_name" SIZE=maximum_#_of_characters_in_this_field>

<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="button" VALUE="button_caption">

(See World Wide Mart for other tags inside the FORM tag.)




You can develop your own form to post to this cgi script by looking through the information posted on the homesite of this package. Please visit Matt's Script Archive's for some FormMail examples.

Some of the possible uses of this script are:

  • You want to have a form that will be mailed to you, but aren't sure how to write the scripting for it.
  • You are the webmaster of your site and want to allow users to use forms, but not to have their own cgi-bin directories, which can cause security risks to your system. You can set this script up and then allow all users to run off of it.
  • You want to have one script to parse all of your html forms and mail them to you.



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