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Putting A Counter On Your Web Site

Counters are among the most popular options for Web sites today. SkyPoint provides an excellent hit counter written by Muhammad A Muquit. This counter is very nice because it appears in your web page as an image. Thus, to add a counter to your home page, add the following line anywhere in your HTML document;

Personal Web Home Page:

<img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?dd=A|df=loginname.dat" align=absmiddle>

Remember to replace "loginname.dat" with your login name.

Commercial Web Site Home Page:

<img src="|" align=absmiddle>

Remember to replace "" with your domain name.

The string between ? and " is called the QUERY_STRING. Make sure there are no newlines in the <img src=...> line and no space in the QUERY_STRING. In the above examples, dd=A| means digital format of the numbers, where A equals using style A from the table set out below. Next, df means datafile and the name (loginname.dat or is the counter datafile. The counter stores the hits in the datafile. This datafile is created upon the first web access. However, commercial domains must send e-mail to requesting that their domain be added to the web counter files list.

The counter program has lots of options, you can make it work and look the way you desire. Below is a table showing the various styles we currently support. If you want a new style, contact SkyPoint's Webmaster.

Style A:
Style B:
Style C:
Style D:
Style E:
Style F:
Style cd:
Style cdd:
Style cdr:


We have more directories set aside to hold digit styles. If there is one you would like to see implemented, email us for information on how to get the digit style to us. For more information on the options go to the The WWW Homepage Access Counter and Clock Page.

Additional Digit Styles For Graphical Counters



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