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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

OS/2 Warp PPP Setup

Under OS/2, in the setup dialog for connecting to an alternate provider:

  • 1.Fill in the Login ID with your normal login ID, such as the "user" part of "".
  • 2.Enter your password in the password field.
  • 3.Enter the telephone number:
    • If you will be calling from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area: Type 612-252-9020.
    • If you will be calling from the Duluth/Superior area: Type 218-723-8777.
  • 4.Place the following into the 'login sequence' area:
    • \r
    • Option:
    • [LOGINID]
    • ssword:
    • [PASSWORD]
    • PPP\ssession\sfrom\s([$IPDEST])\sto\s[$IPADDR]
  • 5.Select PPP as your protocol (this whole configuration requires the user to get the PPP update using the get updates option of OS/2 Internet access). If you are using SLIP, then replace PPP with SL/IP in the beginning of the last line, e.g. SL/IP\ssession\sfrom\s([$IPDEST])\sto\s[$IPADDR.
  • 6.On the next page, you must set your DNS (domain name server) address. Use The secondary domain name server is
  • 7.You must also set your domain name. Use
  • 8.Fill in the netmask with, although this may not be necessary.
  • 9.The third page sets up addresses for various services. Here are some:
    • news:
    • gopher:
    • WWW:
    • popmail server:
    • reply domain:
    • reply (mail) ID: your_userid
    • pop login ID: your_userid
    • pop password: your_password
  • 10.The fourth page is for modem configuration, and is specific to the user.


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