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Web Design

SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

Commercial Web

SkyPoint's Commercial Web Bundle is designed to provide businesses with a Web site, Internet access, and a permanent Internet presence for their company name, all for a low monthly price and no specialized equipment or software investment. This service includes:

  • A Domain Name For YOUR Company
    A domain name is a permanent address on the Internet where your business contacts and customers can always find you. Anyone contacting your Web site or sending e-mail to your staff will see only your company's unique address, not your Internet provider's.
  • High-Speed, Reliable Web Hosting
    Your Web site takes advantage of SkyPoint's full-time, high-speed connection to the Internet, without the expense of installing and administering your own high-speed connection or bogging down an existing connection by satisfying Web requests. SkyPoint offers a fast, reliable server with specialists available at all times in the unlikely event that a system error might occur.
  • A PersonalLink Account
    Your business will receive one full-service PersonalLink Internet account with unlimited attended monthly hours. You can take advantage of all the resources on the Internet through this account and its associated e-mail address, from the World Wide Web to USENET news! Using this account, you can transfer files to your SkyPoint Web site to build and maintain it.
  • 10 E-Mail Aliases
    Having 10 e-mail aliases for staff is the equivalent of having e-mail for 10 people in your company with addresses like "". Your aliases can all point to your central e-mail account, or to any other accounts you desire. Additional aliases can be added for a nominal annual fee.
  • 5 E-Mail Accounts
    Having SkyPoint email accounts to point your aliases to makes good business sense. Some standard email aliases are,, All of these can be pointed to your SkyPoint accounts that are included in your Web Bundle and you would still have a couple for yourself!
  • 30 MB of Disk Storage
    You'll have plenty of room on our servers to store your Web pages, FTP files, and e-mail both now and as your needs grow with your business. Best of all, if more room is needed you can add it in inexpensive 10MB increments without having to commit to any specific quantity or term.
  • 3 GB/Month of Transfer and 50,000 Hits/Month
    These high transfer and traffic rates means that a whole lot of prospective customers can see and use your site! If you exceed that limit (knock on wood!) additional capacity can be added.
  • Great Personal Service
    SkyPoint knows how important reliability and personal service is to you. We offer friendly, expert technical support and advice to help your site grow and prosper. Give us a call today!

Setup: Call our Office for Pricing - Requires Registered Domain Name


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