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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

User Policies

All Accounts

  • Acceptable Use Policy
    Acceptable account usage is described in full in our Terms and Conditions and our Acceptable Use Policy. It will change from time to time, and our members are responsible for keeping up to date and complying with what constitutes acceptable use of a SkyPoint account. Users who violate the Terms and Conditions will have their accounts shut off.
  • Account Changes and Cancellation
    Any change to an account must be submitted to SkyPoint in writing, with the account holder's signature, for security reasons.

    Cancellation of an account is effective the last day of the month in which we receive written notice. A signature on the cancellation is required as a security measure; as a result, we do not accept e-mail or voice messages, but will accept regular signed mail or faxed cancellation messages.

  • Billing
    On your first bill, you will be billed a prorated amount to bring your account current to the first of the following month, based upon what day of the month you're notified of your account. (For accounting purposes, all months have 30 days.) Thus, if you're notified of your account on the 16th, the remainder of the month will cost you 15/30ths of your monthly fee.

    Bills are sent on the first day of each month. Credit cards are debited on the last day of each month.

  • Mass Mailing
    Mass transmission of unsolicited e-mail (spamming) is strictly prohibited. Users who violate this policy will have their accounts locked.
  • Minor Users
    SkyPoint will not create or modify accounts for users under the age of 18 without signed parental consent.
  • Unattended Access
    Automated, unattended usage (such as IRC Bots and screen or similar programs) is prohibited.
  • Web Traffic & Bandwidth Limitations
    Personal Web Page Traffic Limits are 1 Gb of data per month and 25,000 Hits. Excess hits are billed at $4 per 3000 hits and $1 per 25 Mb in excess of these limits. Commercial Web Page Traffic Limits may be found under .
  • E-mail and personal web space guidelines
    Each e-mail "inbox" (file) is limited to five megabytes in size, and personal web sites are also limited to five megabytes.


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